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Hey, I want to do the same NSE exchange program at UH Manoa, but am having trouble finding a decent place, for a decent price. Any suggestions?
8 January 2006 - University of Washington (Seattle)

wanted to be the first to sign in the new year., and say your site has a neat design, i like it.
7 January 2006 - Miami

Hey, fine pics. Keep on!
25 December 2005 - Germany

Don Meccas so sick with it.
Don meccas locked out, hes chillen in the hall. Eager, he puts his old tarneshed lips. onto another menthol. Just finished surgery, hangen in there, with only one ball. Phones out of service, cant make a single call. Leaning back against the wall, he realizes hes got nothen at all. In his head hes in panic, but from the look on his face he's standing tall. He hears a he about to get let in? He listens.he drops his jaw.nothings there,. just an empty hall. Were is he going? what does he do? Don mecca had so much, until the man in white, and the straw. He lost his entrance in, .at the price of those late nights, starting at sun fall. Waking up, 5pm, bloody nose, didnt matter to him, at all. Life was going by so great, so so slow, like time is in a crawl. Poor Don mecca, is there a way out?, no one knows, but if your on the corner of 5th Ave. in Binghamton, give him a shout, say hello.
20 December 2005 - Strait outa The Hamlet rocken apartment numba 5

Hawaii is the truth
24 November 2005 - ghetto bing

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