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Have fun in hawaii dog...where you can enjoy summer all year long instead of all 4 seasons every day in Bingo. And look around for the Kona Gold. youll be glad you did.

Peace killa
28 June 2004

Ian W from c-town
Yo Brian I guess I'll be GoinG To showTIme $ timeS A wEek Bye mySelF, BUt Shit Ill have to Have a Tom Collins OR Two Every Once IN a While in Honor OF you ONe Semester AT Bing, Ill be Fine As Long As I've Got MY FUCKING LEMONS. PEace Kid Enjoy The Islands They got to be better than Binghamton or vestal Endwellcot OR whereever the fuck you live..
And Fuel the fucking plane up So we can Cruise WheN I come VisiT
24 June 2004 - Cooperstown

Is that NEON going to Hawaii??
Ya put wings on it ????
24 June 2004

Zach Rogers
Hey Brian, Its Zach from TN. I hope you like Hawaii but again, I only want to hear about it if it sucks! Only22 more days! You know, if you would have got an apartment with me, I would probably be there in 22 days also...

11 June 2004 - Tennessee

Hey Brian, you lucky SOB. I know you'll have lots of fun! Take pics for me, and write me and tell me all about it! Love Ya!

PS You gotta learn to surf while your there, I wish I could be there to see you drinking the water as you fall! ;-)
29 April 2004 - NM

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