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Hey Brian, you lucky SOB. I know you'll have lots of fun! Take pics for me, and write me and tell me all about it! Love Ya!

PS You gotta learn to surf while your there, I wish I could be there to see you drinking the water as you fall! ;-)
29 April 2004 - NM

Hawaii, its no Southern Tier, but i guess it will do. Have fun, and catch a few waves for me...oh yeah and get laid as soon as you get off the plane...Konichiwa Bitches. Have a good time.

P.s. Hopefully there are no casinoes out in Hawaii
25 April 2004

HAHA brian you signed your own guestbook u asshole. you're gonna have so much fun in hawaii, and if you dont you can just venture somewhere else because upstate NY just doesn't cut it anymore.
My only request is before you leave you must put on a firework show for the neighborhood :D
25 April 2004 - endwell

SMEAGLE! have a great time BITCH!

ps. beware of flaming vag and man with 3rd ass on chin
17 April 2004

Now I'll have a place to stay if I want to take a trip to Hawaii :)
Good luck bro! Take lots of pics!
15 April 2004 - Ohio

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